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Buying and selling CNC machines involves several key steps. Our comprehensive guide addresses the most frequently asked questions, offering insights into the considerations, strategies, and factors contributing to successful CNC machine purchases or sales. Whether you're a seasoned seller or exploring this for the first time, our guide provides valuable information to help you confidently navigate the process and achieve optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Buying Used Machinery

What to Look For When Buying a Used CNC Lathe?

When purchasing a pre-owned CNC lathe, consider vital factors:

  • Condition: Inspect for wear, damage, or signs of heavy use.
  • Maintenance History: Inquire about past repairs, modifications, and maintenance records.
  • Brand & Model: Research the reliability and reputation of the CNC lathe's brand and model.
  • Accuracy & Precision: Examine sample parts to assess the machine's precision and accuracy.
  • Control System: Ensure the CNC control system is up-to-date and meets your requirements.
  • Bed Length & Swing: Verify bed length and swing size to suit your machining needs.
  • Tooling & Accessories: Check if essential tooling and accessories are included.
  • Seller's Reputation: Choose a reputable seller or dealer with a proven track record.

With over 75 years of experience, Gibbs Machinery is a trusted source for used equipment. Since 1946, we've cultivated enduring relationships worldwide, offering reliable manufacturing solutions. Our commitment to quality and customer service has made us a preferred choice, reflected in our extensive list of repeat customers.

How Long Is the Life Expectancy of a CNC Lathe?

The lifespan of a CNC lathe hinges on various factors:

  • Brand & Quality: Reputable brands and higher-quality machines generally boast longer life expectancies.
  • Usage: Heavy-duty or continuous operation may curtail the machine's lifespan.
  • Maintenance: Regular, proper maintenance contributes to a CNC lathe's extended life.
  • Technology Advancements: Advancements in CNC technology might render a machine obsolete before mechanical failure.
  • Parts Availability: The accessibility of spare parts affects the machine's serviceability over time.

A well-maintained CNC lathe can typically endure for 10 to 20 years or more. However, this estimate can significantly fluctuate based on the factors above.

How Much Does a Used CNC Lathe Machine Cost?

The price of a pre-owned CNC lathe machine can vary significantly based on various factors:

  • Brand & Model: Renowned and advanced brands/models often have higher price tags.
  • Age & Condition: Older or less well-maintained machines are more affordable.
  • Features & Specifications: Machines with advanced features and specifications may charge higher costs.
  • Size & Capacity: Larger CNC lathes with higher capacity usually cost more.
  • Included Accessories: Additional tooling and accessories can impact the overall cost.

In general, used CNC lathes may range from a few thousand dollars for smaller, older models to several hundred thousand dollars for more extensive, high-end machines.

How Can I Browse for Used Machinery on Gibbs Machinery Company’s Website?

Explore our used machinery effortlessly with two convenient options on the buy used machinery page: browse by manufacturer or explore by type. If you have a particular manufacturer in mind, simply select it from the list. Alternatively, if you're searching for a specific kind of machinery, choose from categories like gear machinery, CNC machining centers, grinders, and mor

Can I Search for Specific Used Machinery Using the Search Bar on the Buy Used Machinery Page?

Certainly! The search bar on the Buy Used Machinery page provides a convenient way to narrow down your search. Enter the manufacturer, model, or description of the machinery you are looking for, and our system will filter and display specific items or equipment that align with your search criteria. This streamlined process ensures you can quickly locate the exact machinery you need.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Selling Industrial Equipment

How Can I Sell My Surplus or Decommissioned Machinery?

Contacting us is a wise choice if you have surplus or decommissioned assets. We provide flexible options tailored to your needs, whether making an outright offer for your equipment, brokering machines still in use, accepting items on consignment, or coordinating a strategic liquidation event. We aim to work with you to achieve the best outcome aligned with your objectives and timeline. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and find the most suitable solution for your surplus assets.

What Types of Machinery Does Gibbs Machinery Company Buy?

At Gibbs Machinery, we have a broad scope for purchasing machinery. Our interest spans from individual production and surplus machines to complete production lines and factories. Whether you are updating a production line, closing your business, or discontinuing specific parts, we want to make a purchase.

Why Should I Choose Gibbs to Sell My Machinery?

Choose Gibbs to sell your machinery and benefit from over 75 years of experience serving global machine tool customers. Our extensive knowledge of market values ensures you get top dollar for your equipment. Owning more than 55,000 square feet of warehouse space, we facilitate swift deals, freeing up valuable floor space in your shop. Operating globally, we buy and sell equipment worldwide, reaching regions such as Mexico, Europe, South America, and Asia.

What Types of Used Machinery & CNC Equipment Can Be Sold Quickly Through Gibbs Machinery Company?

We can help you sell a variety of used machinery and CNC equipment, including:

  • Boring Mills (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • CNC Machining Centers (Vertical & Horizontal)
  • CNC Lathes (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • Gear Accessories & Tooling (Cutter Heads, Change Gears, Index Plates, etc.)
  • Bevel Gear Machinery (Generators, Grinders, Lappers, etc.)
  • Cylindrical Gear Machinery (Hobbers, Shapers, Testers, Grinders, etc.)
  • Grinders (Cylindrical, Internal, Surface)
  • Production Machinery (Crankshaft & Camshaft Machines, Broaches, etc.)
  • Other Machinery (Gun Drills, Presses, Saws, Tool and Cutter Sharpeners, etc.)

How Can I Get the Best Price for My Used Machinery?

Working with Gibbs Machinery is how to get the best price for your used machinery. With our extensive expertise and resources, we excel in evaluating your equipment and presenting a competitive offer. Whether your priority is a swift sale or securing top dollar, count on us to guide you toward achieving your goals seamlessly. Contact us now for a streamlined and successful machinery selling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Used Machinery Auctions & Liquidations

How Can I Monetize My Surplus or Decommissioned Assets?

At Gibbs Machinery, we offer customized solutions for optimizing the value of your surplus or decommissioned assets. Whether through an auction, liquidation, or private treaty-negotiated sale, we tailor our approach to maximize your financial recovery. Contact us, and our team will craft a detailed proposal that aligns with your specific goals, accommodates your timeline, and targets the right buyer pool.

Do You Offer Appraisal & Valuation Services for Equipment?

Indeed, at Gibbs Machinery, we provide comprehensive appraisal and valuation services conducted by Certified Equipment Appraisers with extensive experience in buying and selling equipment. Our professionals offer a deep understanding of market dynamics, ensuring accurate assessments of the value of your assets. By using our professional appraisal services, you gain valuable insights into the worth of your equipment, enabling informed decision-making.

How Can I Schedule an Auction, Liquidation, or Coordinated Sale of Assets With Your Company?

If you are considering an auction, liquidation, or coordinated sale for a group of assets, inform us about your project details, goals, and timeline. Our team can tailor proposals that maximize your financial returns for each piece of heavy equipment for sale. Contact us today to optimize your asset disposition strategy.

What Upcoming CNC & Machine Auctions Do You Have?

You can stay informed about our regular CNC and machine auctions by checking our website for upcoming events and sales updates. We have many opportunities to participate in these auctions and provide a diverse range of CNC and other machines for sale.

Selling Used Equipment or Purchasing an Older Machine?
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Contact Gibbs Machinery for specialized assistance in auctions, appraisals, and liquidations of high-demand surplus or decommissioned assets. With certified equipment appraisers on our team and a legacy of over 75 years in industrial asset sales, we tailor proposals to meet your specific goals.

Whether you're dealing with gear machinery and machine tools or managing automotive/truck production lines, our expertise ensures a comprehensive solution. Our extensive inventory of gear machines and tools is perfect for those looking to buy. Meanwhile, we can align potential buyers with your piece of equipment, be it a CNC machine tool or heavy machinery for sale. Connect with Gibbs Machinery to optimize your investment recovery in used industrial equipment.