We’ve Supplied Millions of Dollars of Machine Tool Solutions to Thousands of Customers Worldwide

World Leaders in Gear Machinery, CNC Machine Tools, and Production Machinery since 1946

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Complete Industrial Solutions

We specialize in Gear Manufacturing Machinery; CNC Metalworking Machine Tools, and Automotive and Truck Production Machinery for Conventional and Electric Vehicles

Our services include: Machinery Sales, Valuations, Auctions, Liquidations, Negotiated and Private Treaty Sales, Consignment Sales, Brokerage, Warehousing, Reconditioning, Logistics, and Turnkey Project Management for Monetizing Industrial Assets.

We are a one stop solution for stakeholders in Industrial Assets.

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Why Choose Gibbs Machinery?

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We Stock the Machinery We Sell

Why is that important? It means we can stand 100% behind everything we sell. We invest in the machines that fill our 55,000 sf warehouse and know them inside and out. We have the latest tools and technology to test, repair, and ensure our machines perform the moment they are installed in your facility. Want to see a machine on power? We provide live and virtual demonstrations. With Gibbs, you’ll know exactly what you are buying.

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Our Machines are Production Ready

We sell machines that are ready to go to work. Every machine we purchase goes through a strict evaluation process in-house, across all systems. Then our technicians do the necessary tasks to ensure the machine is fully functioning as expected before letting it go out our door. We make sure that no matter where in the world we ship a machine our customer receives an asset that they can utilize immediately.

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We Have Been Selling Equipment for Over 75 Years

Since 1946 we have built lasting relationships with companies across the world. Supplying millions in manufacturing solutions, reliability and delivery remain a cornerstone of our business, even as our inventory has evolved in tandem with manufacturing technologies. We count our long list of repeat customers as a testament to the quality product and customer service we provide.

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We Operate Globally

International sales and purchasing is a large part of our daily business. Major markets include; North America, India, China, South Korea, Europe and South America. A firm understanding and familiarity importing and exporting machinery across the world has allowed us to establish ourselves as a global solution to manufacturers. This is largely due to repeat business and the relationships we have built over the years with our customers.

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We Offer Turnkey Project Management for the Sale, Removal, and Shipment of Large Packages

We provide solutions to the seller and purchaser of large packages of CNC Machine Tools and Automotive and Truck Production Lines. We know that the job isn’t done when a deal is struck. We make sure that the seller is kept in the loop and satisfied through the removal process and the buyer is able to rely on us to procure the appropriate contractors. From riggers to export packers partnering with us ensures buyers that their equipment arrives on time and ready for a seamless reinstallation.

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Superior Solutions for Stakeholders of Industrial Assets

Over the past 75 years we have seen it all but understand that no two situations are exactly the same. Our familiarity and experience creating proposals for surplus, decommissioned, or reclaimed assets allows us to assess each project independently and advise a unique sales strategy. Whether it be a private treaty sale, auction, liquidation, designated brokerage, consignment sale or a hybrid of them all, we stand ready to advise you on how to maximize financial recovery.

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Appraisals and Valuation Services

We have on-staff AMEA Certified Equipment Appraisers ready to offer valuation services to manufacturers, financial institutions, business owners, consultants, law firms, and more. Our expertise in valuing Machinery and Equipment comes from our day-to-day operations of buying and selling machinery around the world.