MITEC Powertrain Global Webcast Auction Sale

Major Assets Include:

CNC Gear Grinders

2019 & 2016 Reishauer RZ 160 CNC Gear Grinders with Felsomat Load Systems and Filtra Systems Filtration - Siemens Sinumerik 840D Solution Line Control, Reishauer PrecisionDrive, Reishauer Operating Software, Additional Work Spindles (C1 & C2 Axis), Pivoting Dressing Unit (C4 Axis), CNC Tailstock on Both Work Spindles (W1 & W2 Axis), Reishauer VM25RZ Wheel Balancing System, Collet Chucks,  Measuring Stylus, Laser, PV50 Filtra-System Coolant Filtration System, Koolant Koolers AV1-1001-M Chiller, RP-2002 Fire Suppresion System, 0-162 mm Gear Outside Diameter, 0.5-4mm Module, +/- 48 Deg. Swivel Angle, 180 mm Maximum Grinding Stroke, 490 mm Maximum Shaft Length, 3000 min-1 Maximum Workspindle Speed, 30 kg Maximum Workpiece Weight, 100 m/s Maximum Grinding Speed, 275 Maximum Grinding Wheel O.D., 125 mm / 160 mm Face of Grinding Wheel.  With Felsomat model Flexfox FRC600 Part Feeder SN: 78743 & SN 78732

2016-2017 (3) Liebherr LGG CNC Gear Grinders with Hoffman Filtration Systems, Siemens 840D Solutions Line Control, Carousel Load Table, Siemens Simatic HMI, Renishaw LP2 Probe, 180 Deg. Auto Load Arm, Sinumerik HT2 Pendant Controller, Dresser, Panel A/C, LTA Industrial Air Cleaning, Jib Crane, Stacklight, Minimax FMZ 5000 Extinguishing System, 6 mm Module, 280 mm Workpiece Diameter, 660 mm Axial Travel, 230 mm Shift Travel, 10,000 min-1 Grinding Spindle Speed, 206/320 mm Tool Diameter, 160 mm Tool Length.  With Hoffman Model UBF300/K Filtration System SN: FN8030, FN8043, FN8064

2013 Burri BZ362 CNC Gear Grinder  B & R Burri CNC Control, Dr. Kaiser Dresser, Tailstock with Center, Wheel Hubs, Hydraulic System, Chiller Unit, Coolant System, Schunk Workholding, Part Sensor Arm, 350 mm Maximum Workpiece Diameter, 3500 rpm SN362027

(2) Reishauer RZ400 CNC Gear Grinders

CNC Gear Hobbers

2016 & 2011 Liebherr LC 180 CNC Gear Hobbers Siemens 840D Solution Line Control, Simatic HMI Pendant, 180 deg. Loader, Load Table, Hob Arbor, Arbor Support, Arbor Chamfer for Loader, Hydraulic System, Hydac Chiller Unit, Chip Conveyor, Dust Collector, Stacklight, 3 mm Module, 180 mm Maximum Workpiece Diameter, 180 mm Shift Travel, 90 mm Hob Diameter, 213 mm Clamp Length, 6,000 min-1 Hob Speed SN FN5232 & FN5022

CNC Cylindrical Grinders & Super Finishing

2018 Supfina LCM Super-Finisher LTA Dust Collector, Driven Headstock with Center, Tailstock with Center, Coolant System, Worklight, Siemens Control, Two Work Rests, 18" Swing, 30" Centers SN760055

(4) Geibel & Holtz Schleiftechnik RS 600 CU & CNC/P CNC Cylindrical Grinders Siemens Sinumerik 840D Control, Marposs P7 Gaging System, Siemens Pendant, Headstock, Tailstock with Center, Marposs Unimar Gage, Coolant System, Gantry Loader, Hyfra Chiller, Paper Filtration, GEA Delbag Mist Collector, Compensating Dresser, Door Interlock, Stack Light, 15" Swing, 24" Wheel Diameter, 30" Distance between Centers

(2) Geibel & Holtz Schleiftechnik F1600 Polishers

CNC Machining & Turning Centers

(3) DMG Mori NHX4000 Horizontal Machining Centers 2016-2018 Overhead Hydraulics Package, Celos ERGOline Touch Controller, 15,000 rpm speedMASTER Spindle, Full B-Axis, HSK63/CAT40 Tapers, Through Spindle Coolant, Pallet Edge Locator, 40-120ATC's, Chip[ Conveyor, Renishaw OMP60, 22" (560mm)  X-Axis Travel, 22" (560mm)  Y-Axis Travel, 26" (660mm)  Z-Axis Travel, 880 LBS (400kg)  Pallet Loading Capacity SN: NHX41170701, NHX41180707, NHX4219102 ***As Low As 868 Processing Hours

(3) Haas EC-400 Horizontal Machining Centers 2012-2015 Haas CNC Controller, Hydraulic Clamping, Reinshaw Probe, CAT40, 24-70ATC, 15.75" x 15.75" Pallets, Coolant System, Chip Conveyor SN 2054464, 2054683, 2053716

2018 Muratec MW120G Dual Spindle CNC Turning Center Muratec Fanuc 32i CNC Controller, Twin 8 Station Turrets, Gantry Load System, Right Hand Feed Table, Rota-Rack Unbload Table, Chip Conveyor SN17KX402940001 ***1140 Running Hours

(6) DMG Mori NLX2500MY/700 CNC Turning Centers 2017-2019 Celos CNC Controller, Tool Management System, ERGOline Touch, Tool Eye, Digital Tailstock with Center, Thermal Displacement, Twelve Tool Turret, Chip Conveyor, Foot Control, 8"Chuck, 18.11" Maximum Turning Diameter, 28.66" Maximum Turning Length, 3.15" Bar Work Capacity, 36.22" Swing Over Bed SN NL257181110, NL257181141, NL257181142, NL257190840, NL257180608, NL257180607 ***As Low As 166 Processing Hours

2017 & 2019 DMG Mori NLX2000SY/500 CNC Turning Center Celos CNC ERGOline Controller, Tool Management System, Live Tools, Y-Axis, Sub Spindle, 25" Swing, 14.4" Maximum Turning Diameter, 20.07" Maximum Turning Length, 2.55" Bar Work Capacity, 10.24" X-Axis, 22.83" Z-Axis, 5,000 RPM Spindle, 12 Station Turret SN NL203170707 NL203190121 ***As Low As 837 Processing Hours 

2015-2017 (4) Haas ST-30 CNC Turning Centers

2015-2017 (4) Haas DS-30 CNC Turning Centers